Gender Equality Management Assessment


Our vision, our team, our goals.

Our vision

We strive for a world of equal opportunities for all. We strive for work environments where all employees will be equally valued and treated regardless of their gender. Because we believe that the full potential of individuals can only be harnessed in the absence of gender stereotypes, we want companies, institutions and organizations to be completely free from their gender-based restraints and thus maximize business efficiency and economic profit. Since we believe that balanced teams are able to create more sustainable and viable solutions, GEMA Certificate aims to optimize work processes through a gender perspective.

Do we share a common vision?

What we do

The GEMA certificate was established in 2018 as the first socially responsible certificate for companies, institutes and organizations for fostering gender equality internally, which comprehensively addresses the organizational structure, culture and work processes of each individual entity. It provides each holder with an individualized assessment of the existing situation, which is transformed into a set of tailor-made measures based on an in-depth analysis. In this way, we enable companies, institutions and organizations to fully optimize human resources and, consequently, work processes.

Who we are

GEMA Certificate is supported by a non-governmental think-tank, the Gender Equality Research Institute, which, with the assistance of independent experts, addresses various aspects of gender equality, among which business and economy represent two of the most important ones.


The Gender Equality Research Institute strives for our society to be fully capable of providing equal opportunities and rights to all. The main aim of the latter is to draw attention to the existing social stereotypes, ideas and patterns, which, through socially attributed gender roles, set many limits and subordinates to us. Our main purpose is certainly to raise awareness among the general and specific public about the social construction of these roles and the importance of gender mainstreaming in building a community based on equality.


Gender equality should therefore be understood as the broadest set of equal opportunities for women and men, encompassing any involvement in public or private life and extending to the circumstances in which these choices are made. Likewise, all members of a society based on the value of gender equality should enjoy equal visibility, share the same power and have equal access to that power. Of course, the absence of stereotypical representations and discrimination is also necessary.

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